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Re: Virt-what support for VirtualBox?

Bernd Eckenfels wrote:
In article <4A6EFB99.8060104@allums.com> you wrote:
I somewhat favor VirtualBox, since Debian runs inside it very well and it runs on Debian very well, and it has the open-source edition. Occasionally, something like Virt-what might come in handy for me.

Virtualbox can be recognized by Vendor strings in BIOS, you can use
biosdecode or lshw to find them.  So I guess it is no big deal to extend
virt-what to find those signatues.

Thank you. I did some fiddling around after asking the question, and realized this was the case. The chipset being emulated is the 440FX (which is hardly unique), and quite a few of the devices vendor IDs show VBOX.

I am a bit interested in detecting malware under Linux and Windows, and virtalization is the next frontier.

I haven't given it much thought yet, but it bears thinking about in the near future. Right now, bringing it up in a forum can bring ridicule, but I can see that in time, those people won't be smiling.

Thanks again,

Mark Allums

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