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Re: Bug#538857: rocksndiamonds: post-installation fails

On 19:39 Tue 28 Jul     , Moritz Muehlenhoff wrote:
MM> On Mon, Jul 27, 2009 at 09:15:00PM +0400, Dmitry E. Oboukhov wrote:
>>>> The site www.artsoft.org is (temporary?) down. Why do You think it
>>>> must be another way? Postinst returns error code because it can't
>>>> download resource. Other packages (for example msttcorefonts) have
>>>> the same behaviour.
GLB>>> Do You think I shouldn't have report that problem?
>> I think this is site's problem, i considered a few packages which
>> download something from somewhere and all of them return errorcode
>> when downloading fail.
>> Of course we can complain of something like:
>>  - our provider provides us with bad connection;
>>  - the website we have link on is down.
>> but does it refer to the specific package? Hmm...
>> But I still don't know is this behavior is right. If the script
>> doesn't return failcode, somebody could post the bug like 'I had no
>> fail when I installed the package, but it doesn't work', even if he
>> had seen the error message.
>> I Cc-ed the mail to debian-devel: may be somebody gives us advice.

MM> Again, as in the case of the broken rott download, the correct
MM> fix is to add support for the media files to game-data-packager
MM> instead of adding a postinst.

a few years ago rocksndiamonds was removed from debian because media
files isn't free. I haven't seen the other way to download them from
postinst: each of new upstream versions must replace the previous, so
downloading have to be started by upgrade system (postinst)

rocksndiamonds has the dialog screen which asks user if he agrees or
not to download. If he agrees, downloading can finish with failcode
(if user has network's problems, or root site is down)
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