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Re: Is adding dh_config and a postinst snippet ok ?

Dominique Dumont wrote:
> I'd like to add the following files in libconfig-model-perl:
> - /usr/bin/dh_config
> - /usr/share/debhelper/autoscripts/postinst-config-model
> In short, the goal is to use these files to perform smooth upgrade of
> configuration data during package upgrades. See [1] for full details.
> But we're not there yet. 
> Before deciding whether dh_config is a good idea or not, I want to check
> that these files will not break anything just because they are installed
> on your file system.
> So, what so do you think ? 
> Will users run into problems when these files are installed ? Can
> dh_config be called by dh without warnings ? (Note that this should be
> harmless if no option or specific files are provided to
> dh-config. dh_config will just exit(0) )

Installing third party debhelper commands won't break anything in
debhelper, but nor will dh automatically call random such commands. See
the sequence addon information in debhelper's PROGRAMMING file for
information about adding third-party commands to dh command sequences
(enabled via the --with switch).

"dh_config" is a rather generic name for a third-party debhelper command
to use. I'd generally rather reserve such names for use by debhelper,
and have third-party command names be a bit more clearly bound to the
package that contains them.

see shy jo

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