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Bug#536658: RFH: myspell-lv -- Latvian dictionary for Myspell

Package: wnpp
Severity: normal

We request assistance with maintaining the myspell-lv package.

The package description is:
 This dictionary contains Latvian wordlists for the MySpell
 spellchecker currently supported by Mozilla and OpenOffice,
 plus a Latvian hyphenation pattern for OpenOffice.
 This dictionary is not complete yet, but it is the best
 free solution at this moment.

We currently have a situation where the lead maintainer, Aigars 
Mahinovs, has significantly reduced his involvement in Debian, 
with most of his packages slated for removal from the archive.

Meanwhile, I had offered to revamp the packaging and co-maintain
because of my passive interest for improving my Latvian but, not 
being a native speaker, I have proven unable to fix Aspell build 
errors that often creep in with each new upstream releases.

As such, we'd really appreaciate help from a native speaker to
maintain this package of Latvian myspell/aspell dictionaries.

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