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debian-hppa port support


If you have any problems building a debian package for hppa, please
contact me on debian-hppa.

As a porter I've setup a debian buildd on my local hppa machine for
reproducing build problems.

Please don't hesitate to email debian-hppa.

Known issues:
* The ruby1.9 build problem still exists on hppa until we switch to
nptl (to support the signal semantics expected by ruby) or disable the
particular test to allow the build to complete.
* glibc does not yet support nptl. glibc patches to enable nptl for
hppa are complete, but usability testing is still in progress to iron
out the remaining bugs.

Note: I'm only subscribed to debian-hppa, please CC me or debian-hppa.

Carlos O'Donell

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