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Re: Is Christian Meder MIA?

Walter Franzini
<walter.franzini@gmail.com> writes:
>> While I haven't been using aegis for quite some time now, I'd be sad to
>> see it go. Would maintaining the package in collab-maint on
>> git.debian.org an option?
> I'm available, however I'm not sure about the procedure to follow to
> activate such options.  Can you give me some hints? 

Practically, this requires all interested parties to have an account on
alioth.debian.org. All DDs automatically have such an acount, non-DDs
can request one. See http://wiki.debian.org/CollaborativeMaintenance and
the references for details how collab-maint works.

If Peter Miller is interested in maintaining the package himself, I'd
happily sponsor the first upload so that he can continue himself!

Reinhard Tartler, KeyID 945348A4

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