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Tidying up packages


I've recently had a serendipitous excuse[1] to look at my package list
and tidy up things a bit, orphaning a thing or two and publishing my
plans for another half-forgotten package.

I realised that while this tidying up is important and rather easy to
do, I often lack the trigger to do that instead of something else. Or if
I want to tidy up, I may forget to look into a place or two.

I just had a quick conversation on #debian-qa where these ideas have
been flying around:

 - create a checklist of things that one could do every once in a while
   to tidy up is/her package list. A crude starter is here:
   http://wiki.debian.org/TidyUpChecklist and it can be something that
   fits in a little section in the Developer's Reference;

 - decide a "tidy up your package list" day, say, twice a year, where
   such a checklist is announced with a post to planet or a mail to

 - instead of a "tidy up your package day", the DPL can invite people to
   focus on one or two items, depending on the current state of affairs;

 - instead of a "tidy up your package day", DPN could suggest one item
   from the checklist on every issue, and point to the full checklist to
   find more.

Entries for http://wiki.debian.org/TidyUpChecklist ?



[1] Namely, telling a NM applicant that he should attend to a few things
that have been bitrotting, and then looking at my own DDPO page, erhm.
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