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Re: Resigning from Debian

* Sandro Tosi (morph@debian.org) :
> Good luck for the future and thanks a lot for all your contributions!
> > Feel free to orphan/adopt all of my packages.
> >
> > electricsheep[1] deserves a prioritary adoption: a major upstream
> > version has been released and Debian's is now deprecated.
> I'm just handled all your packages as per MIA processes, expect
> electricsheep and tinymce that have already people interested in their
> adoption

Ok, I've seen that, thanks!

BTW, Sven Joachim also proposed to take over the package backup-manager.

He's been contributing to backup-manager's source for a while, so I
think he'll make a good Debian maintainer for that package.

He needs a sponsor to do so, as he's not a DD. Maybe someone here would
be willing to sponsor him.


Alexis Sukrieh <sukria@sukria.net>

Chicago Transit Authority Rider's Rule #36:
	Never ever ask the tough looking gentleman wearing El Rukn headgear
	where he got his "pyramid powered pizza warmer".
		-- Chicago Reader 3/27/81

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