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Re: Resigning from Debian

OoO Lors  de la soirée naissante  du lundi 06 juillet  2009, vers 17:12,
Alexis Sukrieh <sukria@debian.org> disait :

> Hi,
> It's been a very long time since I worked for Debian, and my packages
> have been actually unmaintained for a while.

> This is because of two major reasons:

> - My paid work is time and energy consuming, hence my freetime is precious

> - During the last months, I've lost the motivation and the energy to
>   honnor my Debian activities.

> It's been a pleasure to contribute to that beautiful project,
> and I wish the very best to the whole community.

> Feel free to orphan/adopt all of my packages.

What's the  status of tinymce? Is  there someone else  in Debain Webapps

Thanks for your work!
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