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ia32-apt-get stopped working?

Hi all,

It appears on my system ia32-apt-get has stopped working and I can't seem to figure out to revive it. All I know is that I have hit some dependency bug somewhere along the line with ia32-apt-get, nvidia-glx-ia32, and ia32-wine wanting to get removed today. It's never been happy since this situation.

I opened up synaptic and searched for ia32 -- selected every ia32 package on my system and purged them all. This includes ia32-apt-get. Checked to make sure there was nothing in /lib32 (which is now gone), and also that /emul was completely empty like I was hoping. So I'm at a starting point again with no ia32 anything, and I go ahead and pull in ia32-apt-get. It reconfigures itself, I choose libraries, and try to apt-get update. I get nothing as far as ia32 packages. If I explicitly run `ia32-apt-get update` and then do an `ia32-apt-cache search ia32 |wc -l` I can see 6000+ packages. If I use regular apt-get, which used to work for all 6000+ ia32 packages, I get only a handful of old ia32 packages.

I tried reconverting my sources.list files and a few other things but I'm lost as to of why on my system there is no working ia32 environment anymore.

ia32-apt-get version 22
ia32-libs-tools version 22

No other ia32 packages on my system right now.

Thanks for any suggestions....


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