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Re: ia32-libs{-tools}, multiarch, squeeze

Am Sonntag 05 Juli 2009 schrieb Goswin von Brederlow:

> The conversion system is an ugly hack. Sure. But it is the same ugly
> hack 32bit support has always done, for over 5 years. The only change
> is when the conversion is done, i.e. moved from the buildd to the
> users system. By moving it there only those things the user
> needs/wants need converting and all the user needs/wants can be
> converted. That is the big advantage of ia32-apt-get over ia32-libs.
> If you find the conversion unacceptable then the only option for you
> is to request 32bit support on amd64/ia64 is removed till multiarch.
> The upgrade path to multiarch is for the multiarch i386 deb to
> Conflicts/Replaces: <package that contains the same files>. Which
> means ia32-libs or ia32-libs-gtk for the old system or ia32-<package>
> for the ia32-apt-get one. And again with ia32-apt-get there is a huge
> advantage. As packages convert to multiarch they can be droped in
> ia32-apt-get on a case by case basis and replaced by the multiarch
> one. Meaning users don't have to wait for and update 200 packages in a
> single step.
> Way to complex and fragile with the millions of possible
> configurations of users systems.
> >   - let ia32-apt-get or whatever it's called be a forward to running
> >     apt-get inside that chroot;
> >   - find a way to let the user run commands from that chroot seamlessly.
> Impossible to make that work for everyone/everything. Any solution
> will be a special case solution and only support some configurations.
> > That would be totally acceptable, and probably an improvement over the
> > current situation.
> MfG
>         Goswin

Despite whatever the people say, I like the new package. And I like the idea 
behind it. And if it does not work at the beginning, who cares? It is 
"unstable". To those who are mourning: Du you know the meaning of the word 
"unstable"? It means, there is no guarantee, things will work! It means, 
things must not be, as they were since many years. It means, things can crash. 
It means, people are welcome, to walk new ways. It is means, HERE is the 
development and innovation.  When you want a ready out-of-the-box system, use 
Windows, or better Apple MacOS or just "stable".

It is linux, where everybody gets the chance, to change things to their 
personal needs. 

If you do not like it this way, do never use KDE4, as at the moment, it has 
got also things, which are not running at the moment.

So. let the people test, invent, make errors, make crashs, make everything - 
but stop grouching!

So, that had to be said!

But now to another thing: Is there a way, to get rid off dependencies in 
third-party applications to old ia32-libs and old ia32-libs-gtk?

Apt wants to deinstall them, when I want to install ia32-apt-get (and of 
course the related third party applications)



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