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Re: Switching the default /bin/sh to dash

Raphael Geissert wrote:
>> dash currently is optional, so there will be on a lot of existing
>> systems on which it is not installed. How is the planned strategy going
>> to prevent dash becoming the default shell on existing systems when it
>> gets installed for the first time because of its raised priority?
> There are two, both ugly actually, ways to do it:
> a) by making dpkg pre-depend on dash so that it is installed and can see
> if an older dpkg is installed
> b) by finding a file that could tell us the installation date and base
> the decision on that.

An alternative that is still not pretty, but at least keeps the ugliness 
in the packages related to the switch and is fairly straightforward to 
implement, would be to make the new dash pre-depend on a new version of 
bash and have the maintainer scripts of bash preseed the dash template to 
false if:
- bash is being upgraded
- the dash template does not yet exist


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