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Re: A standard patch rule for our rules

Rafael Almeida <almeidaraf@gmail.com> writes:

> A ``patch'' rule for debian/rules there should always be
> for I'd like to easily apply patches created by me
> Don't worry I don't think of anything too hard
> a simple standarization will ease my heart
> Today ``debian/rules build'' is always a good match
> but there's no mandatory ``debian/rules patch''
> Is the ``build'' rule mandatory? I don't even know
> it seems to work for most packages, though

Debian policy describes all the required targets and some optional

> Patches, it seems, are for ``configure'' rule to apply
> but I want to make a script and I think it won't fly
> That script I think of will install my own patches
> to any installable package, from zopes to apaches
> Configures can change too much
> like config.h files and such
> There should be one and only patch rule
> and then I'll be able to build my tool

man dpkg-source

   Format: 3.0 (quilt)
       A source package in this format contains at least an  original  tarball
       (.orig.tar.ext  where ext can be gz, bz2 and lzma) and a debian tarball
       (.debian.tar.ext). It can also  contain  additional  original  tarballs
       (.orig-component.tar.ext).   component  can  only  contain alphanumeric
       characters and dashes ("-").

Behold the future is, aeh, soon.


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