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Re: apt-get wrapper for maintaining Partial Mirrors

Joseph Rawson <umeboshi3@gmail.com> writes:

> BTW, the subject of this thread is "apt-get wrapper for maintaining Partial 
> Mirrors".  The solution I'm proposing is "a simple tool for maintaining 
> Partial Mirrors" (which could possibly be wrapped by apt-get later).  
> I think that just pursuing an "apt-get wrapper" leads to some complications 
> that could be avoided by creating the "partial mirror tool" first, then 
> looking at wrapping it later.  One complication might be "how do handle 
> apt-get remove", and another might be "how to handle sid libraries that 
> disappear from official repository, yet local machines must have them".

Ahh, so maybe I completly misread that part.

Do you mean a wrapper around apt-get so that "apt-get install foo" on
any client would automatically add "foo" to the list of packages being
mirrored on the server?

If so then you can configure a post invoke hook in apt that will copy
the dpkg status file of the host to the server [as status.$(hostname)]
and then use those on the server to generate the filter for
reprepro. I think I still have a script for that somewhere but it is
easy enough to rewrite.


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