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Best way to stream shows from www.myeasytv.com

I am currently using debian lenny with backports. I want to use my linux
box to play TV shows from myeasytv.com & others. It plays them in most
cases but does a very poor job. I have talked to the Verizon FIOS folks
and it seems that in a very short time they will begin offering a
massive amount of programming via the internet in lieu of a channeled
system that we have today. In short the set top boxes will become as
effective or more so than the bulk of computers currently connected to
the internet. It is a great idea as we can view what we want, when we
want and the entire content of the internet will be viewable on my 60'
HD system. I do not want to wait and have most of the hardware
identified to do this now. However the linux software is not ready for
prime time, I think. The real heartbreak is that I can do this now with
Windows XP. I prefer not to do that. The main reason is the actual video
decoding in linux is insufficient for the job.
Does anyone have suggestions for getting on with this project? Short of
the obvious of using windows:-)
John Foster

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