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Re: Debian source code search engine

Op Mon, 25 May 2009 03:36:28 +0100
schreef Ben Hutchings <ben@decadent.org.uk>:

> Cool - that looks really useful.  However, it looks like you're just
> running "dpkg-source -x" to unpack packages.  This misses any Debian
> changes made using a patch system.  Unfortunately there is no standard
> mechanism to apply patches in version 1 source patches, but it should
> be easy enough to support the standard patch queue formats.

I know, it's not ideal. Unfortunately, running "debian/rules patch" is
going to be difficult, as the site runs on a FreeBSD system :) [1][2]
(It's a friend's system that has lots of spare cpu cycles and bandwidth

> Ideally, you would also unpack multi-tarball packages such as gcc
> before indexing.  When I wrote a program to search through Debian
> source (without indexing) I recursively unpacked all tarballs.  Note
> that there is a tar implementation that includes some weird tarballs
> as test cases.

That's a nice idea.

[1] I might try installing Debian/kFreeBSD in a chroot. The FAQ claims
it won't work "perfectly", but maybe it'll do.

[2] Whose bug is it if FreeBSD's gunzip can't decompress some Debian

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