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Re: architecture wildcards, type-handling, etc.


On Wed, 2009-05-13 at 12:50:03 +0300, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> Since etch, dpkg has supported architecture wildcards such as "linux-any" and 
> "any-powerpc", which can, among other things, be used to express Linux-only 
> build dependencies like this:
> Build-Depends: libcap2-dev [linux-any]

> The latter two approaches have obvious flaws, but it seems that no one is using 
> the built-in dpkg approach.  Is there anything wrong with it?  Are people just 
> not aware of it?

> Partial answer: pbuilder doesn't support that style yet, so you can't build 
> packages that way (bug #363193).

The wildcards on the binary stanza Architecture fields have also been
supported since the beginning.

This was brought up recently:


So, there's missing support in sbuild (#501230), which arguably is
a pretty recent bug report, but AFAIR I sent a mail to Ryan long time
ago when drafting the wildcard support and never heard back, but then
I never insisted again, so that's on me.

Then the buildd network will need to be upgraded to use an sbuild
supporting that. I'm not sure if wanna-build might also need changes.
Lintian will need to be fixed as well once the buildd network supports
this. And then minor stuff like the vim debcontrol syntax highlighter
and similar.


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