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Re: Possible mass bug filing: non-doc packages recommending doc packages

On 09/05/07 17:55 +0530, Y Giridhar Appaji Nag said ...
> I filed a lintian wishlist bug (#527363) requesting a I/W tag when non
> documentation packages recommend documentation packages.
> With Install-Recommends being the default, many packages pull in a lot of
> associated documentation.  These documentation packages are sometimes large
> and could be suggested rather than recommended.  I noticed different opinions
> about such bugs on the BTS (See #504042 that went on to be fixed and #526153
> that was not).  I understand that upstream would sometimes like documentation
> to be installed alongside the binaries, but popcon numbers of -doc packages
> are quite lower the numbers corresponding to the packages that recommend them.
> Would there be any objections to filing minor/wishlist bugs against these
> packages?  I am including a tentative dd-list corresponding to the packages
> [1] that I found after manually removing some packages [2].  I will modify it
> based on suggestions.

Based on the responses, I will not file bugs on all these packages and also
see if my request for lintian check makes more sense if it is refined.

Thank you all for the comments.


Y Giridhar Appaji Nag | http://people.debian.org/~appaji/

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