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Re: Environment variables, debian/rules and dpkg-buildpackage

On Sun, 10 May 2009, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> > If there's any intention at all that Policy eventually mandate use of
> > these Makefile includes, then at a minimum I think Policy needs to
> > *very* tightly constrain what dpkg is allowed to put in those files,
> > to avoid future incompatibilities.
>         I think what dpkg sets in the env variables is a fine start. And
>  policy should not be a stick to hit the dpkg developers on the head
>  with. I say we let an implementation blossom in the wild, see what
>  works, and then codif that in policy. 

BTW, just to make things clear. It's likely that those Makefile snippet
(if we decide to go that way) become quite more elaborated as we try
integrating support for things like hardening-wrapper (see #489771).
Expect stuff like "if debian/control has Build-Options-Supported:
hardening" then use that set of flags, otherwise that one.

Raphaël Hertzog

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