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Re: blocked libtool

+ Thorsten Alteholz (Wed, 06 May 2009 13:22:53 +0200):

> Hi Adeodato,

Hello, Thorsten (hope it's okay I'm quoting you in public).

> could you please tell me the reason for blocking libtool's transition 
> from unstable to testing? I have a few packages that depend on libtool 
> but don't want to disturb debian-release if there is still a reason for  
> blocking it.

Thorsten asks about this output in the migration pages:

  | Trying to update libtool from 1.5.26-4 to 2.2.6a-4 (candidate is 28 days old) 
  | Not touching package, as requested by adeodato (contact debian-release if update is needed)

I thought maybe more people are wondering about this, and I added an
explanatory paragraph on my hint file [1], which I reproduce now:

  # == Performance blocks ==
  # Block here some transitions so that britney runs faster. Even if any
  # of these packages is a candidate for migration itself (older than 10
  # days, etc.), it doesn't mean it will be able to migrate, since all of
  # its reverse dependencies have to be ready as well. But britney chokes
  # rather badly on some of these packages, taking a lot of time to
  # process them and their reverse dependencies; because of this, and to
  # keep ftp-master free of spurious CPU churn (it's a host that sees
  # quite a lot of interactive use), we prevent britney from trying to
  # migrate some packages for as long as it wouldn't succeed anyway. (This
  # is determined by a human, but in general a package being blocked out
  # of this paragraph implies there's nothing else preventing migration
  # than waiting for the reverse dependencies to be ready.)
  block libtool
  block gnome-sharp2
  block totem-pl-parser

FWIW, this is only done for transitions that are big enough as to cause
a noticeable slow down (libtool eg. involves around 600 Bin-NMUs), or
transitions that britney really chokes on when calculating uninstallabilities
(eg. totem-pl-parser, no idea why).


  [1]: http://release.debian.org/britney/hints/adeodato

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