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Re: Bug#527280: ITP: php-perl-1.0.0 (use Perl from within PHP scripts)

Okay, again; waldi told me there are missing information,
and that debian-devel@lists.d.o has to be Cc’d.

Package name:		php-perl (Binary: php5-perl)
Version:		1.0.0
Upstream Author:	Dmitry Stogov
Licence:		PHP 3.0 (upstream), GPL (packaging)
Language:		C
Description:		Embedded Perl module for PHP 5

This extension embeds Perl Interpreter into PHP. It allows to execute
Perl files, evaluate Perl code, access Perl variables and instantiate
Perl objects.

It’s a PECL extension (I only built the PHP 5 package because PHP 4 is
pretty dead) which links against libperl to embed the interpreter.
Example use case (with libbsd-arc4random-perl):

$ php -r '$perl = new Perl(); $perl->eval("require BSD::arc4random;"); echo $perl->eval("BSD::arc4random::arc4random();")."\n";'

I’ll probably be using it to wrap Authen::Passphrase, so that e.g.
LDAP style passwords can be used within PHP code (to facilitate code
reuse; otherwise I’d have to rewrite it in PHP myself…).

If there are any questions or change requests, I’m sure to listen.
I’d like to get this into Debian.

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