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Re: Environment variables, debian/rules and dpkg-buildpackage

Guillem Jover wrote:
> [ BCCed debian-dpkg for the proposed dpkg changes. ]

> * Lots of packages (roughly around 4k) do not honour env vars for build
>   flags, as they follow the examples from policy (or dh-make and similar)
>   and thus are setting them unconditionally, which env vars do not
>   override.

Not to forget these packages where flags in the environment made the package
FTBFS as they were overriding flags set by makefiles or other build tools by
some default values which did not include all necessary options.

> * We can set the architecture and default flags (from policy) on the
>   makefile to be included, and packagers will be able to do the change
>   and fix any possible problems (progressive opt-in), but once it's
>   included by all packages, then we can do system-wide default changes
>   in the same we change toolchains (mass rebuild, bug filing, change
>   when bug count goes down). The makefile has the advantage that the
>   distro default can be temporarily changed for the mass build w/o
>   needing to totally override the build flags.

You need to take care here to use names which will not clash with variable names
upstream may be using, otherwise you'd add new problems while adding new vars.

> So I think for next dpkg upload we should make dpkg-buildpackage stop
> setting any flags by default, and switch the setting to go through the

Please do so!

+1 from me, too.
Thanks for the good work!


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