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Re: ITP: developers-reference-es -- Spanish translation of the Debian Developers' Reference

On 11737 March 1977, Leandro Doctors wrote:

> * Package name    : developers-reference-es
>  Version         : 3.4.1
>  Upstream Author : Andreas Barth, Adam Di Carlo, Raphaël Hertzog,
> Christian Schwarz, Ian Jackson
> * URL             : http://www.debian.org/doc/developers-reference/* License         : GPL 2+
>  Programming Lang: N/A
>  Description     : Spanish translation of the Debian Developers' Reference

Please get the developers-reference package(s) changed so that we do
*NOT* have one source per language. But let one central
developers-reference package built the various languages. Which means
this should be just another binary package of developers-reference and
not something own.

bye, Joerg
* maxx hat weasel seine erste packung suse gebracht, der hat mich dafür
  später zu debian gebracht
<weasel> .oO( und jetzt ist der DD.  jeder macht mal fehler.. )
<maxx> du hast 2 gemacht.... du warst auch noch advocate :P

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