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Re: Bug#525490: ITP: fizmo -- console-based Z-Machine interpreter for playing Infocom / Inform games

On Fri, 2009-04-24 at 23:42 +0200, Christoph.Ender@spellbreaker.org
> Fizmo is a Z-Machine interpreter ("Fizmo Interprets Z-Machine Opcodes") which
> allows you to run Infocom- and most other Z-Machine based games -- except
> version 6 -- on POSIX-like systems which provide a ncursesw (note the "w")
> library. It has been successfully compiled on Debian based Linux, Mac OS X
> (with MacPorts providing ncursesw) and Windows (using Cygwin and a self-
> compiled ncursesw library). This is a "console"-style application, meaning
> that it runs in textmode and does not provide any GUI whatsoever. About
> Infocom and interactive fiction in general, see the "New to IF" section
> at http://www.ifarchive.org.

I'd remove the sentence about where it has been successfully compiled.
It doesn't really add much to the description of the package, IMO.


Gustavo Noronha <kov@debian.org>
Debian Project

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