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Re: AVR32 port - config.{sub,guess} bug filing

On Fri, Apr 24, 2009 at 1:18 PM, Mike Hommey <mh@glandium.org> wrote:

> It unfortunately wouldn't work for the same reason config.{guess,sub}
> updates don't work, and more. It would need to be incorporated upstream,
> and all debian sources using config.{guess,sub} should be updated to
> these newer versions. That sounds like something that's never going to
> happen.

You don't think upstream would accept the patch? Once they do and the
updates trickle down into new upstreams then this will become more and
more of a non-issue. Obviously it will be a long time before that
happens, probably many years.

Here is what I plan to send upstream:

cur_v=`echo "$timestamp" | sed s/-//g`

for path in \
  "$HOME/.config/automake" \
  /usr/local/share/automake \
  /usr/local/share/misc \
  /usr/share/automake \
  /usr/share/misc \
    ; do

    if test -x "$path/config.sub" ; then
      v=`"$path/config.sub" --time-stamp | sed s/-//g`
      if test "$v" -gt "$cur_v" ; then
        "$path/config.sub" $*
        exit $?

> The best debian can do is enforce dpkg-buildpackage or some other dpkg
> binary involved in the source extraction or build startup to replace or
> hack the config.{guess,sub} files itself[1] before the build.

That was suggested on IRC the other night, sounds like a good solution
as long as the buildd admins are notified so that they can file bugs.



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