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Re: Merging two source packages

Josselin Mouette wrote:
> Le mercredi 22 avril 2009 à 13:15 -0600, wjl@icecavern.net a écrit :
>> Current situation (source package => binary packages):
>> gringotts => gringotts
>> libgringotts => libgringotts2, libgringotts-dev
>> Desired situation:
>> gringotts => gringotts, libgringotts2, libgringotts-dev
> Simple: upload a new gringotts source with those binary packages. Don’t
> forget to ensure they have a higher version than that of the latest
> libgringotts.
> If this is not done after some time, you also need to request the
> removal of libgringotts source to ftp-masters.

Okay, thank you. I'll proceed like this, then.

Apparently I was thinking this was harder than it really is. For some
reason I thought that having two source packages that generated the same
binary package even transitionally would break something in the archive. I
guess not!

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