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Re: Location of Packages and Translation files seem to have changed since yesterday

On 11714 March 1977, Martin Bagge wrote:

>>    This FTP server belongs to Academic Computer Club, Umeå
>> University. Technical information is available here.
> because that's true. ACC is the sponsor of ftp.debian.org.

No its not. It is one site that hosts a Debian mirror. And it is one
site that agreed to take the load of ftp.debian.org when neccessary.
It is not "the sponsor of ftp.debian.org" though, that is pointed at
whatever machine out of a fixed set fits at the time.

bye, Joerg
<Karnaugh> <Guy> I wrote this thing but it really sucks
<Karnaugh> <Canonical> Awesome! We will release it asap

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