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Re: RFC: Better formatting for long descriptions

On Wed, 8 Apr 2009, Guillem Jover wrote:

There's been a wiki page trying to track this, including packages
which formatting was proving problematic:


Great.  The most important information from this page for myself is that
there are actually other tools (not the one I intended to write for
Blends) which actually would profit from a more standardized formating
of descriptions.  IMHO this rectifies filing bug reports against packages
that try to implement a list but fail to use the form:

      has_list |= ( line =~ /^\s+-/ )    # a line starts with "  -"
      has_list |= ( line =~ /^\s+\+/ )   #                    "  +"
      has_list |= ( line =~ /^\s+\*/ )   #                    "  *"
      has_list |= ( line =~ /^\s+o\s+/ ) #                    "  o "

BTW, why are you checking for \s after the itemizing symbol only after
'o'?  IMHO it should always follow each itemizing symbol.  I also see
no good chances to detect multi level lists and thus I would like to
come back to more strict rules regarding the itemizing symbol and the
spacing.  In contrast to the comment in the end the check also allows

    "          -"

and I would rather like to force

       /^  - /  or  /^  + /

(yes, not checking for any space but really the character ' ' = blank).
IMHO this would increase the reliability of detecting a list and if there
are tools like aptitude who are actually making use of it it should be
worth the effort.

For the sake of interest: What programming language is the script above?

Kind regards



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