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Re: lilo about to be dropped?

I demand that William Pitcock may or may not have written...

> So at this point, our only option seems to be taking over upstream lilo
> maintainance ourselves (which could be a good thing in some ways, I am
> not denying that),

I say go for it...

> or find a way to transition these use-cases to grub/grub2/extlinux.

Assuming, for the moment, that extlinux is equivalent to syslinux at least as
far as configuration goes, then I see that some lilo configuration options
which I use or have had use for appear to be missing:


> I recommend if we go that route that we come up with a list of improvements
> that we want to see and get to hacking. If some of the people who like lilo
> a lot got around to helping with a fork, we could create a much less buggy
> bootloader than the current lilo.

For me, lilo works fine as it is. If I see something which affects me, I'll
at least have a look at it; no guarantees, though, since there's a lot of
stuff here with which I'm not familiar.

> Alternatively, we can just leave it and let it become another XMMS. I
> don't like this solution very much.


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