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Re: UDD gatherer for DDTP translations (Was: Extended descriptions size)

On Sun, 5 Apr 2009, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:

While I'm not against the idea of version numbers (though it would
have to be a list since a single translation may apply to dozens of

This might be discussed.

it's not that hard to identify the description you want.
What I often did was simply open up the description file to find the
description I wanted to test, cut and paste it into another console
running md5sum and that would be the md5 I needed to look for.

Well, I did not said that it is actually hard and in UDD you can get this
easily by

   SELECT md5(description || E'\n' || long_description || E'\n' ) AS md5
          FROM packages WHERE ...

but the actual method you are proposing might be not very reliable because
of the importance of spacings (like the exact newlines etc).  So comparing
version numbers is faster in any case and *easily* doable for humans -
even if you have the right md5 sum as you mentioned above - comparing it
is also harder than a short version string.  While the human readability
is not my main concern I care more for the feature to directly compare
Translations and Packages table with the available information rather
than taking the detour over MD5 sums.

Kind regards



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