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Re: "Team uploads"

On Mon, 06 Apr 2009 11:52:54 +0800, Paul Wise wrote:

> In Debian we have several teams working on maintaining large numbers
> of packages (pkg-games, pkg-perl, pkg-gnome for example). 

True :)

> I
> proposed[1] to silence the lintian NMU warnings in the case of "team
> uploads"; where the person doing the upload is a member of the team in
> Maintainers but is not present in Uploaders. Does anyone think this
> concept of "team uploads" has merit?

I agree that having to add yourself to Uploaders to avoid NMU
warnings (or listings under "sponsored uploads" on the DDPO page) is
a pain.

I'm just not sure about a viable solution; adding "Team upload" to
the changelog is clumsy too and only helps against the lintian
warnings but not against other mechanisms.

(And I agree with statements by others that NMU versions are wrong
and that group-address-in-changelog-trailer is at least weird.)

IMO the general problem is that our tools (both the locally installed
ones and the infrastructures ones) don't have a concept of "teams"
and "team membership" in itself. If we had a possibility to
declare/detect "this package is team-maintained by $team, and $person
is member of $team", it would be easier ...

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