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Re: New architectures

OoO Vers la  fin de l'après-midi du dimanche 05  avril 2009, vers 16:23,
Joerg Jaspert <joerg@ganneff.de> disait :

> we just added two new architectures to the Debian archive. Everybody
> please welcome

>   kfreebsd-i386 AKA GNU/kFreeBSD i386
>   kfreebsd-amd64 AKA GNU/kFreeBSD amd64

> Note that this enables porter NMUs for those two. In case you have a
> bug with a patch waiting for your package that has to do with one of
> them, please either fix it soon or expect a porter NMU to be done soon.

> The two new architectures (well, better named OS i think, as they use a
> different kernel) are available in unstable and experimental. We do
> start out empty, importing only what is needed to get a buildd
> running. For this reason you will not be able to directly use it
> immediately. Please wait until they catched up, which I expect to happen
> soon.

Hi Joerg!

How packages that run on Linux only should handle those new architectures?
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