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Re: ITH: xournal

Carlo Segre wrote:
> This can 
> be fixed with a known patch.

Can you tell me a source to this patch?

> I will be preparing an updated package for upload by the weekend unless I 
> hear from the current maintainer before then.

Did you finish it already?

I have the same problem and reported the bug. I found out, that the
libgtk and xournal from unstable have this problem on i386 arch. So i
can't "paint" in PDF files anymore with Xournal on my Thinkpad X61t. On
my Desktop i have amd64 arch, and there everything is working fine
although the version of libgtk and Xournal are the same like on the
i386. A downgrade to the stable  libgtk at the laptop made it work
again, but other programs like gajim stopped working. So i am really
looking forward to a patch for my laptop debian system and i would be
happy if u can help, because i need it when University starts in 2 weeks.


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