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Re: Bug#522017: ITP: jblas -- jblas is a fast linear algebra library for Java

On 3 April 2009 at 07:51, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
| Le vendredi 03 avril 2009   01:24 +0200, Matthias Klose a  crit :
| > Chris Walker schrieb:
| > > Soeren Sonnenburg <sonne@debian.org> writes:
| > > 
| > >> Package: wnpp
| > >> Severity: wishlist
| > >> Owner: Soeren Sonnenburg <sonne@debian.org>
| > >>
| > >> * Package name    : jblas
| > > 
| > > This package seems likely to be of interest to debian-science, so I'm
| > > sending this mail there too. 
| > 
| > if jblas seems to be of interest to debian-science, please would you take care
| > of atlas and an upgrade to atlas 3.8 as well? else I would suggest to Chris to
| > just go ahead and maybe CC debian-java.
| I am currently working on atlas (see the work in the svn of pkg-scicomp)
| but it is a big work (especially solving the problem of the specific
| optimisation for each arch within the packaging system).

Allow to just budge in to say a heartfelt "Thank You"!  Debian always rocked
because of all the work Camm had done for Atlas, and it would be terrific if
we continued to have nicely working Atlas package.  So your work is really

[ Personally speaking, I'd say feel free to simplify. IMHO it is better to
have a decent and current atlas-base (with a hook to optimise locally) than
a multitude of packages that invariably get old as cpu (sub-)architectures
change. ]


Three out of two people have difficulties with fractions.

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