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Re: Request for Comments: Standardize enabling/disabling of system services

Patrick Schoenfeld wrote:
> Hi,
> currently we seem to have no clear policy in Debian how to handle
> the question: "Shall a service started once its installed or not?"
> The current state of affairs is that some packages start after beeing
> installed, some don't, because they don't have a reasonable default
> configuration and some don't, because the maintainer does not like
> this approach.
> We also don't seem to have a clear consense how to disable/temporarily
> deactivate services. The current situation is that some packages include
> a file in /etc/default with a variable "RUN", "RUN_<PACKAGENAME>",
> "START_ON_BOOT" or even another possible name
> which decides weither a service runs when invoke-rc.d <service> start
> is issued or not. Some other packages do not follow this approach
> and start or don't start as the maintainer sees fit.

I don't like this idea of RUN=yes variables in /etc/default.

1.) There is already a documented interface, how to disable a service (i.e.
renaming the S?? symlinks for that runlevel to K??). Adding another layer to do
this is just confusing and inconsistent.
There are tools like sysv-rc-conf which can handle that for you. Enabling a
service is then as easy as sysv-rc-conf $service on|off

2.) It makes the init script useless.
I often install services, which I only need from time to time, so I disable them
via the approach above and can start them on-demand vi /etc/init.d/service.
A RUN=no will break that.

Imho the only sane option is, to get rid of those RUN_ variables as much as
possible and advertise tools like sysv-rc-conf more (or even install them by

There are indeed services though, which should *not* be started by default, as
e.g. they need to be configured first. But instead of inventing such a RUN_
variable, the init script could directly check if its prerequisites are given
and only start in that case. It then can also output a more sane error message,
telling the user what it is missing and how he can change that.

So in short, I don't like the idea at all.
Instead of adding more of those RUN_ variables we should get rid of them as much
as possible.

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