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Re: How to depend on 32bit libs on amd64? (and what to do with ia32-libs)

Adeodato Simó <dato@net.com.org.es> writes:

>> Currently the size makes regular uploads too costly imho. And the
>> security team is still not supporting ia32-libs. I even did prepare an
>> security upload for etch last year that they only had to sponsor but
>> never heard back from the team.
> With my proposed hack, the upload size would be just the binary
> packages, since the source would not be duplicated. Surely the Security
> Team can cope with that, if they so wish. (And/or if the package would
> have an arch:all package, eg. with scripts, you can get away with
> uploading only that one.)

Which would leave the task of having to check for updates, update the
source, build, sign, upload. And at least the sign part can not be
automated. And even with perfect responce times that still means one
day delay. And when ever is responce time perfect?

> P.S.: In case it isnâ??t clear already, my only goal is that the hack we
> may have in place while we get multiarch, is an acceptable one. I would
> really like for it to be in place as little time as possible.

At the current rate that is still years. :(

> Cheers,


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