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Bug#521343: Can't repair a lilo+root-on-LVM system

Holger Levsen a scris:
> Hi Eddy,
> On Donnerstag, 26. März 2009, Eddy Petrișor wrote:
>> Two days ago after upgrading the lenny 2.6.26-1-686 kernel I didn't
>> shut down the system, I put it in hibernate. The next day, when I
>> powered the computer, it failed to boot right after loading the kernel
>> and checking the BIOS with the message:
> AFAIK this is just not supported, that is, hibernating one kernel and the 
> resuming with another. I'm just not mailing -done@ because of your other 
> issues...

I agree this was user error. Still, recovering from it should be possible.
That's what the BR is about.

>> I thought that, because of the kernel upgrade, I had to run Lilo and
>> the problem would go away.
> Uhm, doenst that happen automatically with lilo? Sounds like a bug in lilo to 
> me.

Actually, lilo is usually ran. That was my assumption, that I must have done
something wrong and running lilo once more would fix the problem.

>> I observed that the 253 major was the proper one under the rescue
>> environment, so probably since update-initramfs and lilo were ran from
>> the rescue environment,
> Again, sounds like a user error...

How is it user error when I try to update the initramfs and rerun lilo from the
rescue environment? I *wasn't* manually assigning that major number, nor did I
pass "root=fd00" in lilo.conf.

So, how is this *user* error?

>> Note that after I did one more update initrd - lilo - reboot cycle the
>> hack in the scripts/local wasn't used anymore, which makes me believe
>> even more that the environment in which the initrd update/lilo run is
>> done impacts the correct creation of /dev/root in the initrd
>> environment.
> Hm, maybe there is something worthy to reassign to initramfs-tools, but maybe 
> this should just be closed?

I'll try to reproduce the issue today when I get to work, now that I know how to
fix it (and have a backup initrd with the hack).

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