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Re: Keeping track of best practises / policy changes with tracking -devel

On Wed, 25 Mar 2009 18:18:51 -0400
Daniel Dickinson <cshore@brucetelecom.com> wrote:

> I'm finding that I can't keep up with devel but I would like to be able
> to see a summary of consensuses (consensii?) that result from the
> discussions, as well a final summaries of best practices (and changes
> to them.  Also a neat changelog of policy changes I should be aware of.

$ zless /usr/share/doc/debian-policy/upgrading-checklist.txt.gz

but that only tracks Policy after it has changed.
> Basically I want to make sure I package well, but I don't
> want to track -devel, because it is way too busy.

debian-mentors mailing list, lintian -iI or --pedantic as long as you
remember that not every pedantic listing actually needs to be fixed in
all packages that it may appear.

Then there are things like planet.debian.org and various RSS feeds as
well as more specialised (and quieter) mailing lists for other topics.

> I've read NM guide and Policy, but what I see on -devel is a bunch of
> other technical information and considerations that aren't codified
> anywhere I can find, but following the mailing list to keep track is
> taking so much time that in the past few days I've read mail and done
> no work on actual development.


-devel is all about discussing stuff before there is a consensus.

There's http://dep.debian.net to track some of the ongoing discussions.

It's always best to skim -devel and ignore entire threads that don't
relate directly to your own work - otherwise you'll never get anything
done. (He says, after spending more time on replying to -devel in the
last week than usual and suffering from a lack of time for other stuff
as a direct result.)

-devel is if you want to have a say in the discussion before a
consensus is reached, rather than just keeping up to date.


Neil Williams

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