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Re: packages' config scripts creating files, chroots and buildds.

Russ Allbery wrote:
> debconf-devel(7):
> The config script should not need to modify the filesystem at all.  It
> just examines the state of the system, and asks questions, and debconf
> stores the answers to be acted on later by the postinst script.
> Conversely, the postinst script should almost never use debconf to ask
> questions, but should instead act on the answers to questions asked by
> the config script.

I totally missed this aspect of the original mail.
> Personally, my first instinct would be to call that an RC bug, but I may
> be missing some case where config needs to modify the file system.

It certainly looks as if it's at least not how the system is intended to 
be used. But I don't think it's worded strongly enough to warrant RC 

Of course dpkg-reconfigure will still need to be run in the chroot as it 
does need to be able to _read_ the existing config to determine current 
settings. After all, debconf is not a registry.

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