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Re: [renamed] Debian crda?

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 3:42 AM, Kel Modderman <kel@otaku42.de> wrote:

> The DFSG seems to suggest that the source code to the regulatory database
> should be modifiable and the derived work distributed under the same license.

It is my understanding that:

Debian probably won't need to build the regdb from source most of the
time so we can just ship the upstream regulatory.bin file most of the

When we do, just adding a second public key to the CRDA  pubkeys dir
and using the corresponding private key (from outside the package)
during the build process of wireless-regdb would be just fine. This
would mean the maintainer of crda would also have to be the
wireless-regdb maintainer. I assume the wireless-regdb is
architecture-independent so this would work because the buildds do not
build such packages.

It is possible for users to add more public keys to the CRDA  pubkeys
dir and build their own wireless-regdb using their own private key.

debian-volatile isn't an appropriate place for this because many
stable users don't use volatile and it is fairly important they are
kept up to date with this, kinda like the timezone database.



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