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Re: net-tools future

Hi Luk,

On Samstag, 21. März 2009, Luk Claes wrote:
>>> Below a list of packages/maintainers that use ifconfig/route/netstat:
> > How did you create that list? You seem to be missing a few..
> By looking at dependency relations with the net-tools package. I guess
> some packages use net-tools if available and otherwise fallback to
> something else?

Sadly I think thats wishful thinking at least in the case of the four packages 
I mentioned. 

munin uses netstat only in the netstat plugin. I've now added a suggests (in 
svn) on the assumption that netstat is a rather common plugin. We dont want 
to suggest asterisk just because there is a plugin to monitor it :)

debian-edu-config might be covered through one of its depends (but it doesnt 
seem so, not even lsb depends net-tools, so I just added a depends in svn).

sitesummary misses it, so I fixed it in svn.

fai uses it in three binary packages: fai-server, fai-client and fai-doc. I'll 
follow up on this on the fai-list.


(maintainer role-addresses bcc:ed.)

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