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Re: Revising Policy 12.5 (Copyright information)

Le Friday 20 March 2009 19:12:02 Russ Allbery, vous avez écrit :
> Maybe the best resolution to this is to have a broader discussion that
> leads to a rewording of Policy 12.5 that makes the requirements explicit,
> with ftp-master buy-in on what the requirements are?  
> on the same page and everyone will know what the requirements really are,
> whereas right now there's a lot of grey area.  

But do you think this is possible ?

> (For example, up until I 
> started experimenting with the new copyright file format, I never
> documented the license or copyright information for any of the
> Autotools-generated files, and I never heard a peep of concern about
> that.)

That's one of the grey corners. So far, my understanding is that they are not 
listed because they are only in the source tarball, and also autogenerated. 
The usual understanding seems that the licenses of these build scripts are 
documented in the corresponding auto* package and that should be sufficient.

As for myself, I don't think we can reach a strict consensus through the 
policy, but more likely have some sort of case law that is publicaly 
discussed and settled. 

Much like the reject FAQ, but where we discuss the motivations all together.


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