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Re: Grid tasks

Hi Chris,

Chris Walker wrote:
> I propose we (Debian-science) create two grid tasks packages:
> Grid-client: This would contain the packages  a user workstation needs to
> submit jobs to the grid.
> Grid-server: Packages for running a grid cluster. 
> The globus packages recently proposed on debian-devel are obvious
> candidates. 
> Would there be support for creating a grid task, and splitting it this way?
> Currently the packages are in the new queue. Should I wait until they
> actually reach unstable before creating the task? Are there any other
> obvious candidate packages?

I don't think that there is such a thing like "the Grid". We should wait a bit longer to
see how the world evolves around the concepts associated with grids (X.509 certificates,
virtual organisations, ...). To me, mere computations are what may initially drive us, but
there should be more to come.

Candidates to look at are the Open Source cloud management infrastructure Eucalyptus,
UNICORE, even BOINC I would not like miss as there are several grid-savvy bridges built
towards and from it.

What we should possibly start with is a set of tags for the debtags initiative that is



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