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Re: libpoppler3 missing in unstable

> As the current "RM Master" ;) I see two realistic possibilities:
> 1) Someone just write me a mail if I should some part of the cruft
> report or ping me on IRC. This would of course scale to a few cases
> only.

Inacceptable. The latest cruft report was done by me for example. Having
someone mail you doesnt help at all. If, at all, a mail has to be sent
it should go to our team address, but that still relies on the hope that
the mail gets read before the cruft removal is done. Not very reliable.

> 2) Someone improve the cruft report so that I can see how many packages
> still depend on the package to be removed, so I can try to make my
> own judgement.

Also not an easy thing. Well, its solveable to show the count of
packages, but I'm not sure this is the way to go.

Maybe cruft-report should be adjusted that it doesn't tell us about a
removal the first 7 days after it found it. Similar like StayOfExecution
works out to keep things in the pool/ directories for two and a bit days
after we removed it, this could keep things in the package files for x
days after it should have gotten removed. Maybe.

bye, Joerg
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