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Re: tex-common with triggers support

On Mi, 11 Mär 2009, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> > It's fair game to add a Lintian test for whether a program is called in
> > postinst that isn't needed any more.  If that's the case here, please do
> > file a wishlist bug against Lintian with the details.  (It's always
> > possible that someone wasn't using debhelper, for example.)
> I think it’s indeed the case. I’ll leave it up to -tex-maint to decide
> whether they want to file the bug or not. I’d recommend for it, since it
> can’t hurt.

The problem that the code is a real mess, it does not add the updmap-sys
call, but some magic strings that are tested for in case statements. It
is tricky.

Unfortunately I don't have time to think about that with TL2008 on the
back, and texinfo dpkg/GNU i-i transition.

Best wishes


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