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Re: To the aqualung NMUer....

On Tue, 10 Mar 2009, Jon Dowland wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 09, 2009 at 02:26:08PM -0700, Don Armstrong wrote:
> > Just to underline here, you need to send the diff for the NMU to the bug(s)
> > that you are fixing in the NMU *before* uploading the NMU.
> The developers reference is not clear on this point and should
> perhaps be clarified. It lists the requirement to upload the NMU
> patch in the same bullet point as the "upload your package"
> action-item, but after the "upload your package" sentence.

Yes, but this happens after the two notifications to the maintainer.
In the case of 0 day NMUs or uploads to delayed, these can be
collapsed into a single mail with the diff for the NMU attached.

That said, I'll try to remember to prepare and suggest a patch to
clarify this.

Don Armstrong

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the Ugly).
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