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sbuild 0.58.0 released

Hi folks,

I have released sbuild version 0.58.0.  This is the first release for
quite some time (August 2008), and there are a lot of changes since that
time which got queued up waiting for the release of Lenny.  There are
quite a few user-visible changes, and some older options and features
which were deprecated in Lenny have been removed for Squeeze.

The major user-visible changes are:

  1) The configuration option @no_auto_upgrade, which was no longer
     used, has been removed.  To prevent packages being upgraded
     automatically, please use sbuild-hold.  See sbuild-hold(1).

  2) The configuration option $chroot_mode has been restored, allowing
     chroot access by both schroot (which remains the default) and

  3) A new configuration option $chroot_split has been added.  This
     allows both schroot and sudo chroot access to be modified to run
     apt/dpkg on the host system.  Note that schroot needs sudo to run
     commands as root on the host system.

  4) Deprecated commands from /usr/lib/sbuild have been removed.
     Please use the sbuild-* replacements found in /usr/bin.

  5) The maintainer name defaults to DEBEMAIL if set in the
     environment, so no longer needs setting explicitly in .sbuildrc.

  6) Unless configured as a buildd ($sbuild_mode), when using sudo
     chroot access, chroots are searched for in /etc/sbuild/chroots.
     This directory should contain symlinks to the chroots, with the
     distribution name being the name of the symlink.  Buildd mode
     will continue to use the old method of current-$distribution
     symlinks in the current directory.

  7) The log format used for build logs has been updated to use a more
     readable format, and is now encoded in UTF-8 rather than
     US-ASCII.  Code which parses the log file may need to be updated
     to handle the new format.  Further log format changes made in the

  8) All commands now have a corresponding manual page.

  9) The wanna-build configuration has moved from
     /etc/wanna-build/wanna-build.conf into /etc/sbuild/sbuild.conf as
     part of ongoing refactoring work.  It is expected that this will
     be split into a separate file in the future once this work is

  10) wanna-build can now correctly dump and restore its databases
      using the --export and --import options.  Note that
      wanna-build-catmldbm and related commands can not correctly dump
      the current database format, can not be used to restore the dump
      and will be removed in the future.

  11) The wanna-build commands do-merge-packages and do-merge-quinn
      have been renamed to wanna-build-merge-packages and

  12) wanna-build changes from the official Debian wanna-build
      installation have been merged.

  13) Initial support for a wanna-build PostgreSQL backend backend has
      been added, but is not currently functional.  The database
      schema is also included, but not yet finalised.

In addition to these changes, a significant amount of refactoring
work has been undertaken to make sbuild and wanna-build more
maintainable in the future.  These changes are internal, and are not
visible to the end user.

There were quite a lot of contributors to this release; moving to git
has certainly made it a lot easier for people to contribute and merge
patches.  This is the summary of commits between 0.57.7 and 0.58.0:

    34	Adeodato Simó
     1	Cyril Brulebois
     2	Kees Cook
     1	Kumar Appaiah
     1	Lucas Nussbaum
     7	Luk Claes
     9	Philipp Kern
     1	Riku Voipio
     1	Robert Millan
   319	Roger Leigh
     2	Sebastian Andrzej Siewior

The detailed shortlog follows at the end of this mail.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this new release; your work was
very much appreciated, and sbuild and wanna-build are in much better
shape as a result.  Let's hope we can make it even better throughout

Work is ongoing to finish a PostgreSQL database schema for
wanna-build.  Adeodato Simó just did the first test import of data
this evening.  We will integrate full support for PostgreSQL in
subsequent releases.

If you are interested in getting involved with development, please
join the mailing list for the buildd-tools-devel project on Alioth.


Adeodato Simó (34):
      [db] Change order of package sections
      [db] Rename sections to components
      [db] Don't insert arches that have not ever been in the official wanna-build
      [db] Source debversion.sql and not version.sql from db.sql
      [db] Rename "distribution" to "suite" (to be consistent with dak)
      [db] Ensure names for all PRIMARY KEY constraints end with _pkey
      [db] Add an "address" column to the builders table
      [db] Add a "value" column to package_priorities so that they are sortable
      [db] Distinguish between arches with buildds, and the Architecture field
      [db] Make "uploaders" be a one-to-many mapping, rather than a single value
      [db] Add a build_logs table to store a list of all available build logs
      [db] Prefer column names derived from table name, and drop _name suffix
      [db] Add an "arch" column to the builder table
      [db] Add table to list the admin(s) of each buildd
      [db] Update name of constraint for build_logs.result to match column name
      [db] Add a new value "skipped" to the build_log_result table
      [db] Add "hurd-i386" to the architectures table
      [db] Add "oldstable" to the suites table
      [db] Fix the primary key in the suite_binaries table
      [db] Rename "version" to "source_version" when it refers to source packages
      Create indexes for (pkg_name, version) in suite_{sources,binaries}
      [db] Rename build_jobs to build_status
      [db] Remove job id number from build_status and build_status_history
      [db] Rename build_state.state to build_state.status
      [db] Drop index on build_status.ctime
      [db] Add bin_nmu column to build_status and build_status_history
      [db] build_status.builder can be NULL
      [db] build_status.ctime defaults to 'epoch'
      [db] Add triggers for build_status
      [db] Create a "suite_arches" table to list the architectures in a suite
      [db] set_ctime: Add missing semicolon
      [db] Delete extra comma in build_status_properties
      [db] Use long VALUES lists instead of separate INSERT statements
      [db] Populate the suite_arches table

Cyril Brulebois (1):
      [sbuild-createchroot] Correctly parse --arch option

Kees Cook (2):
      [Sbuild] version_compare: Handle =*=PROVIDED=*= by never matching
      [debian] Close #505747

Kumar Appaiah (1):
      [man] sbuild.1.in: Document --use-snapshot

Lucas Nussbaum (1):
      [Sbuild::Build] ~*=PROVIDED=*= does not break Build-Conflicts

Luk Claes (7):
      Multiple archive support
      Don't barf when main::current_job is not set
      Temporarily make ARCH user configurable
      Also show the architecture in the subject
      Add the binNMU version if any
      Add 'a'ge before 's'ection
      Set sectval to -125 = 165 + 40 (highest used value) if used section is not in the list

Philipp Kern (9):
      [Sbuild::Conf] declare $archive
      [Sbuild::Options] correct a typo
      [Sbuild::Options] tell getopt that --archive needs a string argument
      [Sbuild::Build] check if BIN_NMU_VERSION is defined
      [Sbuild::Build] add hostname to log output
      [WannaBuild::Conf] Introduce a buildd mail domain
      [build] lib/Sbuild/Makefile.am: add ConfBase.pm
      [Sbuild::Conf] obey $arch in .sbuildrc
      [Sbuild] declare charset and transfer-encoding in sent mails

Riku Voipio (1):
      [buildd-mail] Decode Base64 and quoted-printable mail

Robert Millan (1):
      [build-mail-wrapper] Use getloadavg in place of sysinfo.

Roger Leigh (319):
      [build] Bump version to 0.58.0
      [Sbuild::Build] Use string rather than numeric comparison for '~*=PROVIDED=*='
      [man] Fix typo in sbuild-stats.1
      [Sbuild] Remove deprecated features post-Lenny
      [debian] Update README
      Enable warnings in all perl code
      [TODO] Add buildd items
      [Sbuild::Chroot] Correct formatting
      [Sbuild::Conf] Add object-oriented interface
      [sbuild] Instantiate Sbuild::Conf and add to Sbuild::Build
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $HOME
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $apt_policy or %alternatives
      [Sbuild:Conf] Replace $apt_update with APT_UPDATE
      [Sbuild::Conf] Replace $apt_allow_unauthenticated with APT_ALLOW_UNAUTHENTICATED
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $check_watches
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $cwd
      [sbuild-checkpackages] Replace $cmd with $mode
      [sbuild-checkpackages] Replace $cmd with $mode
      [man] sbuild-setup.7 changes ownership of /build to 02775
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $username
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.debian.org/git/buildd-tools/sbuild
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $verbose
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $nolog
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $mailprog
      [Sbuild::Utility] Don't use global $main::conf
      [Sbuild::ChrootInfo] Convert to object-oriented perl
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move ARCH and HOSTNAME from Sbuild::Sysconfig
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $dpkg
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $su
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $schroot, $schroot_options or $fakeroot
      [.gitignore] Ignore emacs temporary files
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $apt_get or $apt_cache
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $dpkg_source
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $dcmd
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $md5sum
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $avg_time_db and $avg_space_db
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $avg_time_db, $avg_space_db and $stats_dir
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $package_checklist
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $build_env_cmnd
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $pgp_options
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $log_dir
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $mailto, and support %mailto
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $mailfrom
      [Sbuild::Conf] Remove unused @no_auto_upgrade
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $check_depends_algorithm
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $purge_build_directory
      [Sbuild::Conf] Correct typo in DCMD diagnostic
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export @toolchain_regex
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $stalled_pkg_timeout or %individual_stalled_pkg_timeout
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $srcdep_lock_dir
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $srcdep_lock_wait
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export $max_lock_trys or $lock_interval
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export @ignore_watches_no_build_deps
      [Sbuild::Build] Add missing variable in write_stats
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export /home/rleigh/bin /home/rleigh/bin /usr/local/bin /usr/bin /bin /usr/bin/X11 /usr/games
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export , , or
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't export %watches
      [Sbuild::Conf] Remove initialisation functions
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move globals into read_config
      [TODO] Add new items
      Merge branch 'conf-object'
      [Sbuild::Options] Add get_conf and set_conf methods
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move USER_ARCH from Sbuild::Options
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move DISTRIBUTION and OVERRIDE_DISTRIBUTION from Sbuild::Options
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move BUILD_ARCH_ALL from Sbuild::Options
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move AUTO_GIVEBACK* and WANNABUILD_DATABASE from Sbuild::Conf
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move BATCH_MODE from Sbuild::Conf
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move MANUAL_SRCDEPS from Sbuild::Options
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move BUILD_SOURCE from Sbuild::Options
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move BIN_NMU and BIN_NMU_VERSION from Sbuild::Options
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move CHROOT from Sbuild::Options
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move LD_LIBRARY_PATH from Sbuild::Options
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move GCC_SNAPSHOT from Sbuild::Options
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move validation logic from Sbuild::Options
      [Sbuild::Conf] Move SIGNING_OPTIONS from sbuild
      [Sbuild::Build] Don't use Sbuild::Options
      Use perl class methods to construct objects
      [Sbuild::Conf] Re-add $chroot_mode
      [Sbuild::Conf] GCC_SNAPSHOT defaults to 0
      [Sbuild::ChrootSchroot, Sbuild::ChrootSudo] Add new classes
      Derived classes' constructors chain up to parent class constructors
      [Sbuild::Base] New class containing common class functionality
      [etc] sbuild.conf: Add $sudo and document $chroot_mode
      [man] sbuild-setup.7: Document sudo setup
      [Sbuild::Conf] Add sudo sanity checking
      [Sbuild::Chroot] Update comments regarding root use of host system
      [TODO] Add items for sudo support
      [Sbuild::ChrootInfoSchroot, Sbuild::ChrootInfoSudo] Add new subclasses of Sbuild::ChrootInfo
      [Sbuild::Chroot] Subclasses set subclassed ChrootInfo
      [Sbuild::Conf] Don't default USER_ARCH to ARCH
      [etc] sbuild.conf: Update header comments
      [Sbuild::ChrootInfo] Move get_info_all to derived classes, and specialise
      [sbuild] Only print USER_ARCH when debugging if defined
      [Sbuild::Chroot] Move chroot-type-specific code into derived classes
      [Sbuild::Chroot] Add apt_chroot virtual function to remove code duplication
      [Sbuild::Chroot] Remove redundant chdir calls
      [Sbuild::Chroot] Don't strip 'APT Options' in debugging messages
      [Sbuild::Chroot] Introduce CHROOT_SPLIT
      [debian] control: Depend on schroot or sudo, update minimum schroot version
      Merge branch 'sudo-branch' of /home/rleigh/sbuild/ into sudo-branch
      [etc] Update $maintainer_name documentation
      [TODO] Remove completed items
      [man] sbuild.1.in: Document DEBEMAIL default for maintainer name
      [Sbuild::Conf] Default MAINTAINER_NAME to DEBEMAIL if set in environment
      [build] Distribute new perl modules
      [man] Remove incorrectly added patch rejects
      [Sbuild] Don't include Sbuild::Conf (circular use)
      [Sbuild::Utility] Use Sbuild::ChrootSchroot and Sbuild::ChrootSudo
      [Sbuild] Remove explicit namespace use in BEGIN block
      [Sbuild::Chroot] Remove debugging statements
      [etc] Document expanded use of $sbuild_mode
      [Sbuild::Log] Only create log symlinks in buildd mode.
      [Sbuild::ChrootInfoSudo] Look for sudo chroots in /etc/sbuild/chroot
      [man] Document /etc/sbuild/chroot
      [sbuild-createchroot] Add sudo setup tasks and use new Sbuild::Conf
      [sbuild-adduser] Document sudo tasks and update user instructions
      [sbuild-createchroot] Use POSIX calls instead of system where appropriate
      [Sbuild::ChrootInfo] Add create factory function to create chroots
      [sbuild] Refer to chroot, rather than schroot in message
      [Sbuild::ChrootSudo] Remove redundant use of ChrootInfoSudo
      [Sbuild::ChrootPlain] Fix to match new chroot interface
      [TODO] Remove completed item
      [Sbuild::Utility] Use new Sbuild::ChrootInfo chroot creation
      [Sbuild::ChrootPlain] Always use split mode
      [Sbuild] Move package checking from sbuild-checkpackages
      [Sbuild] check_packages takes a chroot argument directly
      [Sbuild::Build] Add log and debug functions
      [Sbuild::Build] Use get and set methods outside strings
      [Sbuild::Build] build: Don't access member data directly
      [Sbuild::Build] set_dsc: Add debugging message
      [TODO] Remove completed items, add new item
      [Sbuild::Build] Set 'Sub PID' to undef
      [Sbuild] Move debug logic from Sbuild::Build
      [Sbuild::Build] Add and use log_info, _warning and _error functions
      [Sbuild::Conf] Add LOG_DIR_AVAILABLE
      [Sbuild::Conf] Override MAINTAINER_NAME only if unset
      [Sbuild::Build] Merge Sbuild::Log::*_pkg_log into *_build_log
      [Sbuild::Conf] Be verbose by default on a tty
      [Sbuild::Log] Remove *_pkg_log, log_symlink and send_mail
      [Sbuild::Log] close_log takes Sbuild::Conf as an argument
      [Sbuild] Move send_mail from Sbuild::Build
      [Sbuild::Log] Rename SAVED_STDERR to main::SAVED_STDERR
      [Sbuild::Chroot] Add pipe functions
      [Sbuild::Build] Use chroot pipe functions
      [Sbuild::Build] Improve startup message logging
      [debian] rules: Clean up old unused code
      [debian] compat: Update to debhelper version 7.
      [Sbuild::Chroot] _command functions take single hash argument
      [Sbuild::Build] Pass files with correct pathnames to check_space
      [Sbuild::Chroot] pipe_command can open pipes in both directions
      Merge branch 'master' into chroot-exec-hash
      [Sbuild::Build] Use chroot-specific Arch in favour of global ARCH
      [Sbuild::Conf] Rename ARCH to HOST_ARCH
      [Sbuild::Conf] Rename USER_ARCH to ARCH
      [Sbuild::Conf] Allow ARCH default specification as $arch
      [Sbuild::Build] Don't default Arch; it must come from chroot_arch()
      Merge branch 'master' into chroot-exec-hash2
      [sbuild] Set build Log Stream before and after opening build log
      Merge branch 'master' into chroot-exec-hash2
      [Sbuild::Base] Log to STDERR if Log Stream is unset
      [Sbuild::ChrootInfoSudo] Add get_info method
      [Sbuild::Conf] Fix typo in sudo sanity checks
      [bin/sbuild-*] Update utilities to use new chroot exec hash functions
      [Sbuild::Chroot] Update to use command defaults
      [sbuild] Set default chroot command I/O streams
      [Sbuild] Add devnull stream
      [TODO] Remove completed items
      [sbuild-upgrade] Upgrade rather than update
      [Sbuild::Chroot] Add run_command_internal and run_pipe_internal
      [Sbuild::Chroot] Remove default use of global environment
      [Sbuild::Build] uninstall_debs: Don't concatenate array members
      [Sbuild::Build] Restore log symlink for non-buildd use
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.debian.org/git/buildd-tools/sbuild
      [Sbuild::Build] Don't display "Hack binNMU" message by default
      [Sbuild::Build] filter_dependencies apt policy checking fix
      [Sbuild::Build] set_dsc splits version into epoch, upstream and debian parts
      [Sbuild::Build] Split set_dsc version logic into set_version
      [Sbuild::Build] Use Source: rather than Package: when parsing DSC
      [Sbuild::DB] New wanna-build database abstraction class
      [wanna-build] Fix uninitialised variables
      [wanna-build] Use isin from Sbuild
      [wanna-build] import and export _userinfo data
      [wanna-build] Reindent parse_quinn_diff regexes
      [debian] wanna-build: install state directory and script symlinks
      [sbuild-stats] Remove support for avg-pkg-build-* symlinks
      [wanna-build-catdb] Support MLDBM format databases
      [Sbuild::DB] Update module description and copyright dates
      [build] Install wanna-build-catdb* symlinks
      [wanna-build-merge-*] Rename from do-merge-*
      [Sbuild::Conf] Add wanna-build configuration with db_ prefix
      [Sbuild::Conf] Add roles to parse different key subsets
      [WannaBuild::Options] Add Getopt::Long options parser for wanna-build
      [wanna-build] Use Sbuild::Conf in place of WannaBuild::Conf
      [Sbuild::Conf] Store defaults and values inside allowed keys hash
      [Sbuild::Conf] get and set can call key-specific methods
      [Sbuild::Conf] Split check_config into separate validation functions
      [Sbuild::Sysconfig] Add paths and program paths from configure
      [Sbuild::Sysconfig] Update copyright
      [Sbuild::Conf] Split into Sbuild::ConfBase and WannaBuild::Conf
      [wanna-build] Revert transactlog initialisation
      [wanna-build] Include DB_BASE_NAME in transactlog name
      [sbuild-*] Use new Sysconfig paths and chroot command exit status
      [Sbuild::Sysconfig] Add additional programs and paths
      [Sbuild::Build] Use Sysconfig release_date and program paths
      [Sbuild::ChrootInfo] Update arch handling for default arch in Sbuild::Conf
      [Sbuild::ChrootPlain] Update to use new option hash chroot commands
      [Sbuild::ChrootSchroot] Remove unused modules
      [Sbuild::ChrootSudo] Remove unused modules and use Sysconfig program paths
      [Conf*] Use DEFAULT values in configuration setup
      [WannaBuild::Options] Use correct program name
      [Sbuild::Utility] Use Sysconfig program paths
      Merge branch 'wb-object' of ssh://git.debian.org/git/users/rleigh/sbuild into wb-object
      Remove redundant function prototypes from object oriented code
      [bin] Add comments for future work
      Merge branch 'wb-object'
      [wanna-build] Use gmtime in place of localtime
      [WannaBuild::Conf] Deprecate propagation and down-propagation
      [WannaBuild::Options] Add new --built and --attempted options
      [wanna-build-statistics] Add Built and Attempted
      [TODO] Add new items
      [TODO] Add explanation of reference issues
      Merge branch 'wb-object'
      [Sbuild] Use timegm in place of timelocal
      Merge branch 'wb-object'
      [WannaBuild::Conf] Add priority, noadw and hidden distribution parameters
      [wanna-build] Add get_unsatisfied_dep and auto_dep_wait functions
      [wanna-build] Add add_one_attempted and add_one_built functions
      [wanna-build] Remove use of propagate_ta
      [wanna-build] Remove propagate_ta
      [wanna-build] parse_deplist: Check dependency syntax
      [wanna-build] Remove Dep-Wait-Removed
      [wanna-build] Don't import Sbuild::Sysconfig variables into namespace
      [wanna-build] Use auto_dep_wait, add_one_built and add_one_attempted
      [wanna-build] Update bin NMU logic
      [wanna-build] Add missing brace
      [wanna-build] Update regex, version and dependency handling
      [wanna-build] Remove exists_in_other_dist
      [wanna-build] Remove set_dep_wait
      [wanna-build] Replace usage with Sbuild::usage_error
      [wanna-build] log_ta: dist and db are no longer arguments
      Merge branch 'wb-object'
      [WannaBuild::Options] Use Sbuild::isin
      [Sbuild::DB] Move MLDBM functionality from wanna-build
      [Sbuild::DB] Rename to Sbuild::DB::MLDBM
      [wanna-build] Rename %dbs to %databases
      [build] Distribute database modules
      [db] Add initial PostgreSQL database schema
      [db] Add debversion type and operators
      [db] Correct version check to not recurse infinitely
      [db] Use debversion
      [debian] Close #511095
      [debian] Close #511314
      [etc] sbuild.conf: Remove extra newline
      [wanna-build-statistics] Add oldstable and oldstable-security
      [wanna-build-statistics] Update valid wanna-build states
      [wanna-build-statistics] Document needed options parsing work
      Merge branch 'wb-object'
      [db] Update schema comments and constraints
      [db] debversion: Use correct procedure for operator !=
      [db] debversion: Add btree operator class
      [db] debversion type is created from text primitives
      [db] Add untrusted debversion type
      [db] Rename debversion_compare* to debversion_cmp* for compatibility
      [db] Add C implementation of debversion type
      [db] Remove commented out debversion domain
      [db] Keep faster C implementation of debversion only
      [db] Add hash operator class to debversion type
      [db] Add code to uninstall debversion type from database
      [db] Create PL/pgSQL language if not already present
      [db] Update copyright notice
      [db] Update debversion copyright and quote LANGUAGE
      [db] Default to using the public namespace
      [Sbuild::Options] --make-binNMU doesn't reset NMU version to 1
      [Sbuild::DB::Base] New common base class for database backends
      [WannaBuild::Options] Use Sbuild::DB::Info
      [Sbuild::Options] --make-binNMU doesn't reset binNMU version if already set Signed-off-by: Roger Leigh <rleigh@debian.org>
      [build] lib/Sbuild/Makefile.am: Add DB to SUBDIRS
      [db] Add PGXS Makefile for out-of-tree building
      Add .gitignore for db
      [build] Add support for conditionally building debversion type
      [debian] New package: postgresql-8.3-debversion
      [debian] Add postgresql-8.3-debversion to changelog
      Merge branch 'wb-backend'
      [debian] Correctly package postgresql-8.3-debversion
      [db] Remove debversion
      [debian] Remove postgresql-8.3-debversion
      Merge branch 'master' of ssh+git://git.debian.org/git/buildd-tools/sbuild
      [Sbuild::Build] uninstall_debs: Don't use uninitialised $output
      [Sbuild::Sysconfig] Fix typo in %programs export
      [db] Add missing semicolon
      [db] Duplicate build_status as build_status_history
      [db] Rename job_states to package_states
      [db] Rename job_states to package_states (update comments)
      [db] install.sql: Split database creation into a separate file
      [db] language.sql: Split procedural language setup from db.sql
      [db] Split database creation into separate files
      [debian] control: wanna-build recommends postgresql-8.3-debversion
      [build] Install SQL database creation scripts
      [db] Install Sbuild::DB modules
      [debian] Use dh_prep in place of dh_clean -k
      [debian] Don't configure with --with-postgresql
      [wanna-build] Make $ctime global
      [wanna-build] Add missing parentheses
      [man] Add wanna-build-catdb.1 manual page
      [build] Install WannaBuild::Options
      [man] Add wanna-build-mail manual page
      [README] Remove README.mail, documented in wanna-build-mail.1.in
      [man] Add wanna-build-merge-packages manual page
      [NEWS] Document additional user-visible changes
      [man] Add wanna-build-statistics manual page
      [debian] Update NEWS and change distribution to unstable
      [debian] Install NEWS

Sebastian Andrzej Siewior (2):

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