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Re: Installing accessibility packages by default?

Quoting Samuel Thibault (samuel.thibault@ens-lyon.org):

> So, I'm asking: would it seem reasonable to ask tasksel to install
> accessibility packages along desktop packages?
> I have tried to install Lenny with a gnome desktop, I ended up with
> 2.3GB disk usage.  Adding gnome-accessibility and brltty used only 83MB
> more disk.  The figures are probably quite similar in the case of a KDE
> desktop and kde-accessibility+brltty.  Considering the great help it can
> be to a not-so-small part of our users, is it too big?

Speaking for myself and considering the numbers you point here, I
support the suggestion of installing accessibility-related packages
to default desktop installs.

We have the chance in Debian to have an active accessibility team that
can commit self to guarantee a good maintenance of this part of the
system (mostly by updating tasksel tasks when needed).

We have the goal to delive "The Universal Operating System".

We share values that promote non discrimination (that's at least the
"spirit" of one of the articles of the DFSG) and we certainly are proud
of them.

For all theses reasons, I wholeheartedly support the inclusion of
accessibility-related packages in default desktop installs.

One should also note that this is, TTBOMK, the choice of commercial
desktop environments.

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