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Re: the files in /etc/modprobe.d/

I'd forgotten that I submitted a patch to dpkg over a year ago to add a
dpkg-conffile(8) utility.

Note that the code on the wiki has changed slightly to handle a couple
of cases since I wrote dpkg-conffile last year. The wiki version puts a
space after $CONFFILE here to work around a bug:

		old_md5sum="`dpkg-query -W -f='${Conffiles}' $PKGNAME | sed -n -e \"\\\\' $CONFFILE '{s/ obsolete$//;s/.* //p}\"`"

I don't understand why some are talking about shell libraries. As the
author of probably the most commonly used shell library in Debian
(confmodule.sh), I can tell you that they are a *very* bad idea
for forward maintainability. They're also a PITA to access from
maintainer scripts that are not written in shell.

dpkg-conffile(8) has no more business being a shell library than do
dpkg-divert(8) or update-alternatives(8).

I really hope that this doesn't degenerate into bikeshedding, and that the
current slow-motion cut-n-paste train wreck is averted. The best way
to avoid both pitfalls is to put the current best practice code for managing
conffiles into a single place, immediatly. If dpkg's handling of conffile
delete/rename is significantly improved afterwards, you will then have
one place to change or deprecate.

see shy jo

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