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Re: handling group membership in and outside d-i

[Christian Perrier]
>> I did several subsequent installs and my user never ended
>> up in powerdev (nor netdev for that matter). It's my belief
>> (yet to check d-i code to confirm) that the user gets added
>> to powerdev if you select the desktop task: for each of my
> Not really. It *should* be added to that group.

Personally, I believe adding users to these groups at install time is
the wrong approach, and believe the only scalable way to handle this
is with policykit like features.  Then the group membership is handled
dynamically at login time, and every console user get the expected

> In short....the first created user *should* be in powerdev. If it is
> not....then there's a bug in user-setup (or somewhere else...).

I believe this code should be dropped from d-i, and policykit related
packages using pam_group should be installed instead.

Happy hacking,
Petter Reinholdtsen

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